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History of the American Sport Jujitsu League

The American Jujitsu League was founded in 2005, as an organization to include a specific competition format based on the techniques of jujitsu, but remains inclusive for participation by practitioners of any and all styles of traditional and non-traditional martial arts; including, but not limited to, the general styles of Traditional Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judō, Karate, Tae Kwon Dō, Kung-Fu, Kickboxing, Sambo, Savate, etc…

The American Jujitsu League (A.J.L.) and the United States Sport Jujitsu Association (U.S.S.J.A.) have worked together for several years. On Friday, February 2nd, 2018, the executive boards of the A.J.L. and the U.S.S.J.A. met and merged the two organizations. We are now the American Sport Jujitsu League….A.S.J.L.

The American Sport Jujitsu League continues to support the teaching, development, and promotion of Ju-jitsu in a competitive sports format, which is open to other disciplines of martial arts, without bias to race, creed, gender, or religion; to provide a forum for members and non-members alike, to meet and participate in competition in a spirit of friendship, and to provide opportunities for ASJL members to participate in qualifying events and/or tryouts to earn a position on a national team to represent the United States in National and International Competition.

Tournament sparring divisions consist of a unique rule set that includes continuous action striking, kicking, throwing, and ground grappling.

This IS NOT a “Mixed Martial Arts” experience, and is NOT a full contact organization. Our events are intended to be a FAMILY Friendly atmosphere!

The rules are designed to blend all ranges of combat sports into one format, which is SAFE FOR ALL AGES and skill levels.

There is an opportunity for the “Little-Dragons” in your school with our 5 and under age class; as well as divisions for the junior competitors up to age 11.

The Cadet divisions are for the teen martial artists to test their skills in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Ages 12 to 17 can also use submission techniques to enhance their skillset and abilities.

The Adult and senior divisions, ages 18 and over, bring the excitement of competition to your martial arts training, and will help you build friendships with other competitors from across the nation!

Sanctioned tournaments must offer the ASJL Continuous action Sport Jujitsu sparring format; However, ASJL tournaments may also offer:

  • Traditional Kata divisions,
  • Traditional Weapons divisions
  • Self-Defense Competition,
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grappling Divisions
  • Point Kickboxing and more……..


Executive Advisor –           Professor Tony “The Bear” Maynard

Technical Advisor –            Graciela Casillas

Executive Board of Directors


President –                            Robert Stines

Co-Vice President –            Mickey Heath

Co-Vice President –            John DelVecchio

Secretary –                            Vincent Ellis

Treasurer-                              Vincent Ellis

Operational Board of Directors

  1. New England Regional Director – Mike Castoldi
  2. North Atlantic Regional Director – Shawnie Brown
  3. North East Regional Director – Shawn Chitwood
  4. Mid-South Regional Director – Ric Anderton
  5. Dixie Regional Director – Randy Cornell
  6. North Central Regional Director
  7. Mid-Central Regional Director – Mike Maxwell
  8. South Central Regional Director
  9. Northern Frontier Regional Director
  10. Southern Frontier Regional Director
  11. North West Regional Director
  12. Pacific Coast Regional Director – Mahipal Lunia

Robert Stines

President of the ASJL

Professor Robert Stines

ASJL President

Professor Mickey Heath

Co-Vice President

Master John Delvecchio

Co-Vice President

Professor Tony Maynard

Technical Advisor

Master Graciela Casillas

Pacific Coast Regional Director