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A Little History of the American Sport Jujitsu League

The American Jujitsu League was founded in 2005, as an organization to include a specific competition format based on the techniques of jujitsu, but remains inclusive for participation by practitioners of any and all styles of traditional and non-traditional martial arts; including, but not limited to, the general styles of Traditional Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judō, Karate, Tae Kwon Dō, Kung-Fu, Kickboxing, Sambo, Savate, etc..

The American Jujitsu League (A.J.L.) and the United States Sport Jujitsu Association (U.S.S.J.A.) have worked together for several years. On Friday February 2nd 2018, the executive boards of the A.J.L. and the U.S.S.J.A. met and merged the two organizations. We are now the American Sport Jujitsu League….A.S.J.L.

The American Sport Jujitsu League continues to support the teaching, development, and promotion of Ju-jitsu in a competitive sport format, which is open to other disciplines of martial arts, without bias to race, creed, gender or religion; to provide a forum for members and non-members alike, to meet and participate in competition in a spirit of friendship; and to provide opportunities for ASJL members to participate in qualifying events and/or tryouts to earn a position on a national team to represent the United States in National and International Competition.


Robert Stines

President of ASJL


Junior and Cadet/Teen

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Traditional Jujitsu


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Tae Kwon Dō

Kung Fu & More

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  • Opportunity to be an ASJL Point Circuit Champion
    (Annual Champions will be crowned by accumulating points in
    all ASJL sanctioned tournaments. Point circuit champions will
    be awarded in each age group and for each event offered in
    ASJL Competition; with emphasis being our Sport Jujitsu free
    fighting format)
  • Discounts on ASJL sanctioned tournaments, clinics,
    and seminars
  • Opportunities to represent the United States in
    national and international competition and become a
    member of a USA National Team
  • Verification of Jujitsu Rank by the ASJL National ranking
    Board; posted on the National rank registry
    Opportunities to become inducted into the Sport Jujitsu Hall of Fame
  • Compete in Family-friendly events that provide a safe
    environment with the feel of the “MMA” experience!

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$ 25 / Year
  • Membership to the ASJL!
  • Discounts on ASJL events!
  • Be in the know with ASJL News!

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$ 35 / Year
  • Chance to be a Point Circuit Champion!
  • Discounts on ASJL events!
  • Chance to represent the USA!
  • Verification of Jujitsu Rank!
  • Compete in Family-Friendly events!
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Lifetime Membership

$ 350 / Once
  • Chance to be a Point Circuit Champion!
  • Discounts on ASJL events!
  • Chance to represent the USA!
  • Verification of Jujitsu Rank!
  • Compete in Family-Friendly events!

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$ 100 / Year
  • Minimum of 10 Students as members!


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